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Hands-on strategic creative leader and partner with expertise in web, mobile and responsive design. I have experience in developing products for e commerce, entertainment, games and software. I love to create a product for the consumer that is elegant, simple and well branded.


Creative Direction

Concept and Strategy

User Interface Design

Mobile & Responsive


I design from the position that people don’t want to learn software, they want to use it. I strive to create simple – obvious interface that can still be expansive, but are always beautiful and direct.


I have implemented strategies, designed services and products that helped move the company forward. I I developed UX solutions that boosted customer subscriptions and increased sales.

I am innately creative and love to move products forward. I have designed web sites and software for large and small companies. At Microsoft, I worked on a complete site redesign for Windowsmedia that moved it in a new direction to beat the competition. When I worked in games at Microsoft, I created an innovative texture mapping technique that greatly enhanced the realism of the product. I also came up with the first Microsoft Blimp that flew through the game.


I am an advocate for the customer and the user. Recently I worked on an iPhone shopping App that was designed specifically to be used one handed so the user could push the cart while using the App.


I have diverse experience. I worked for an Adobe start up, Picture IQ and designed photo editing software for web, game console and mobile devises. I recently completed a site redesign for a data service provider, Knowledge Mosaic, a Meditation App for iPhone, a mobile web App for Walmart and worked on an iPad App for MyHabit at Amazon.

Janine Bostock

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User Interface Design

Expert at creating a branded look and feel for web or mobile designs. Brings a branded experience to the user and that seamlessly blends with the technology.

Concept and Strategy

Excellent at seeing the forest through the trees and taking a holistic approach to product design. Challenges are opportunists to find new solutions. Crafts purposeful strategies and solutions.

User Experience

Committed to finding the best user experience and to simple, elegant experience that don't ask too much but deliver as expected. Achieved by streamlining process and simplifying design.


Photography that empowers and creates emotional engagement. Directs product photography to enhance the brand experience.

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Janine Bostock



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Contact Details

Please e mail me with any questions or comments. More samples are available. I can work remotely or on-site and I am happy to travel and consult on projects.


I live in Seattle - because I love the rain.



(206) 851-9227

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